Knowing Your Schools

Substitute teaching means you’re a teacher for multiple schools in your board/area. Personally, I usually put my name in for 15-20 schools in the board. I know some teachers who have signed up to substitute at every school in their board. Regardless of how many schools you’re able to work at, having to know more than one school is a lot. Different floor plans, different extensions, different dress codes, different names; there are so  many fine details to have to remember for each school. I have, on multiple occasions, mixed up school information. The results weren’t disastrous, but they were certainly annoying. Want to lose authority in front of a disruptive class? Threaten to call the principal…of another school.

The best thing I did to help keep myself organized and informed of the specific info for the school I’m at for the day was to make individual school folders (the same could also be done in a binder with individual tabs). For each school, I try to keep current copies of the following:

  • floor plan,
  • name of administrator(s),
  • important extensions,
  • dress code info,
  • disciplinary steps,
  • blank incident reports,
  • school policy that directly pertains to/affects me,
  • school’s expectations of substitute teachers,
  • jot notes on staff I know there who can be helpful.

I like to refer to this information before starting the school day to help refresh myself with the school, especially when it has been weeks (or even months) since my last booking there.

Anything to make the life of a substitute teacher easier, amirite?!



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