Resources For Everyone!

It’s the summer time, and the last thing you want to be thinking about is collecting resources and developing units. Unfortunately, a teacher’s summer holiday is a bit of a working holiday as well. Maybe you got some new resources from an online course or maybe you were able you able to get a bunch from other teachers. But if you didn’t, here are a few resource banks you should know about:

  • Super Teacher Worksheets:
    Pros: Every subject, kindergarten through Grade 6, multiple units, multiple lessons per unit. Even a worksheet generator. There’s something for every need!…
    Cons:…unless you need something for the high school level (nothing for Grades 7-12). You also need to pay an annual membership, which may not be worth it if you don’t use it enough.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers:
    Pros: Resources for teachers by teachers. Teachers are constantly creating new and updating popular resources. If you follow the teachers on social media, they are frequently running promotions for prizes and discounts.
    Cons: Another service you have to pay for (if you didn’t get that from the name of the website, well…) Also, the sheer volume of available resources can be a little overwhelming.
    Pros: like the other sites, has lessons and worksheets. What makes different is that it also has workbooks available. Again, all subjects, all grade levels (yes, even high school!) It also has a worksheet generator.
    Cons: Yes, there are free resources, but as usual, the better stuff comes with the premium subscription. You need to have a subscription, even for the free resources (but signing up comes with a free workbook download).

And if you’re in Ontario, check out the Ontario Educational Resource Bank. Pro: the resources are government-made, so they follow the curriculum. Con: you need a (tricky to find) login, but you shouldn’t be shy to ask for it when you’re at a school (typically, each board has its own login).



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