Summer Vay-cayyy!

If you’re already on your summer break, please don’t rub it in. Some of us still have 4 days left…

I wanted to take this time to let you know that the blog will be running a little differently for the summer. New posts will be published every two weeks, and on the alternating weeks I will be bringing your attention to previously published posts that are worth a revisit (you can keep up with the reposts if you follow me on Instagram or like Welcome to (Not) my Classroom on Facebook).

Another difference is that the monthly newsletter for July and August will be lumped together into one summer newsletter. You can sign up by entering your email address in the pop-up box when you first come to the webpage, or you can comment on this post with your email address and I’ll sign you up (and I won’t approve your comment, so your email address will never be publicly posted). FYI; there is still time to sign up for the June recap newsletter!

And in the meantime, enjoy your summer break! Whether you’re working another job, or collecting unemployment insurance, or traveling, or vegging out, I hope you enjoy every minute of it and recharge your batteries for the 2016-17 school year. And if anyone gives you a hard time about teachers getting two months off, you can tell them that:

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