BTTS Vol. 8 (aka, Sometimes I Need the Validation)

Often times I will post dialogue of the ridiculous interactions I have with students on Facebook or Twitter. Most often it’s to share a humourous situation. Sometimes though, it’s because I need the validation of yes, Natalie, this is an absurd situation.

I’ve said it before that kids say insane things and I’ll likely say it again.  Here’s a recent interaction I had that honestly left me speechless:


Like seriously? Is that where we’re at right now with how students think they can talk to teachers/any person of authority?

I got my validation a week later when, in the staff-room talking on the phone with my husband, another teacher passed me this note:


I laughed so hard I dropped the call (well, maybe that was more Telus’ fault than mine…)

So thank you–Facebook friends, my husband, other teachers, Instagram and Twitter followers, dear readers, my mom–for reminding me that I’m not going crazy, that I’m not living in an alternate universe where it’s okay to treat persons of authority like crap, that it is very, very weird to ask your teacher if her husband is frisky.



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