Summer Vay-cayyy!

If you’re already on your summer break, please don’t rub it in. Some of us still have 4 days left… I wanted to take this time to let you know that the blog will be running a little differently for the summer. New posts will be published every two weeks, and on the alternating weeks … More Summer Vay-cayyy!

BTTS Vol. 8 (aka, Sometimes I Need the Validation)

Often times I will post dialogue of the ridiculous interactions I have with students on Facebook or Twitter. Most often it’s to share a humourous situation. Sometimes though, it’s because I needĀ the validation of yes, Natalie, this is an absurd situation. I’ve said it before that kids say insane thingsĀ and I’ll likely say it again. … More BTTS Vol. 8 (aka, Sometimes I Need the Validation)

Always Carry Bandaids

Have you read the title? Good. Because that’s it. Always carry bandaids. Fingers get paper-cut. Feet get blistered. Students hurt themselves. Don’t root through another teacher’s desk, and don’t lose class time sending a student to the office. Just always carry bandaids. I cannot believe I haven’t listed them in my other posts about things … More Always Carry Bandaids