The Great Outdoors

It’s almost June. The weather is beautiful. Teachers are taking “sick” days to use up unbankable paid days off (no judgment here; I appreciate the substitute calls that come from it). Most courses are nearing the end of their content. But. Schools aren’t always air-conditioned, and students are going insane. Work isn’t going to get … More The Great Outdoors

Steal All The Things

Another short and sweet post for y’all; I’m on a roll! When subbing, you’re often left with stand-alone lessons that tie back to the larger unit the class is working on. The good teachers will make sure they’ve left you with a quality assignment for their students; work that actually counts and matters. There’s nothing … More Steal All The Things

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When you’re subbing? Likely the vice principal. Here’s a short and sweet post. One of the best ways to be prepared in a rowdy substitute situation is to know extensions and to know names. Want to lose credibility in front of a class that isn’t listening to you? Call the principal or vice principal by … More Who Ya Gonna Call?