Verily, a Link Up

Never have I received so many “The post was so long!” as I did after last week’s BTTS. I’ll make it up to you by a short post this week. If you’ve not heard of Verily Magazine, then you’re probably a boy. From their About Us section: “Verily is a women’s fashion and lifestyle website that’s … More Verily, a Link Up

BTTS Vol. 6 (aka, FSL, Go Stuff Yourself)

Last week I touched on the idea of getting qualified to teach additional courses. Specifically, I said “don’t get qualified just to get a job. Make sure you want to teach the subjects you’re getting qualified to teach. There is no point getting qualified to teach something you don’t like or aren’t confident to teach.” For … More BTTS Vol. 6 (aka, FSL, Go Stuff Yourself)

Educate Yo’ Self

When I graduated from teachers’ college, with a Drama degree no less, I thought “It won’t be long before I get a job.” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Also, ha! When you graduate teachers’ college, you’re qualified to teach, but you’re probably also one of the least qualified teachers out there. If you want to make yourself more available … More Educate Yo’ Self

Attendance Tips

  Successfully getting through attendance can set a positive tone for the rest of the day/period with your class. For the younger grades, it can be as simple as following as closely as possible the routine the regular classroom teacher does to keep things consistent and the change-up smooth for the little ones. Asking students … More Attendance Tips