3 Wardrobe Suggestions

They’re quick suggestions but they’re good suggestions. Here we go!

  1. Shoes. Boys and girls, wear flats. Substitute teaching is unpredictable. You never know when you’re going to be climbing many sets of stairs, running around a gym with an expensive floor, hustling outside for a fire drill. Be professional, but leave the leather, suede, and heels for another day.
  2. Casual Fridays. When you’re a substitute in a school, all you want to do is blend. You know you are qualified and belong there. So you can really feel like you don’t belong at all when everyone is wearing jeans and you’re in your most professional duds. I suggest finding a good balance (your personal balance) of casual and professional for Fridays.
  3. Dress the part of Professional Teacher. This one sucks to hear for a lot of people. Substitute work makes you feel as though you are constantly a guest in a school. At the same time, most subs are working to network and impress the principals they’re working for that day. If I could have pink and purple hair every day of the year, I would. I’m not ashamed of or embarrassed by my tattoo. I love incorporating sassy graphic tees into my wardrobe. However, sub work means that sometimes the only impression I can give of my professionalism is aesthetic. Therefore, the pink hair is reserved for the summer months. My tattoo stays covered by sleeves or giant bracelets. Graphic tees are replaced by blouses. Personally, I don’t see it as covering up my true self. I see it as being respectful of more conservative attitudes.

These are my 3 rules of thumb I try to follow when dressing for sub calls. I’d love to hear your thoughts on dressing for school!
(You can find more outfit ideas on my Pinterest boards: one for guys and one for gals! You can also follow my #NotMyClassroomBlog board to get updates on new posts and some bonus post info from my Instagram posts. Let’s get pinning!)

4 thoughts on “3 Wardrobe Suggestions

  1. My fashion goal this year for the office has been to find slacks that feel like sweatpants. I now have 3 pairs and I wear them ALL the time. I see this as a good compromise of my personnality (tomboy) and being respectful of towards my partners and clients. Sometimes it just requires a bit more research, but personality can shine in a business environment. You should try and find some patterned/colourful blouses 🙂

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