Keeping Track for Payroll

This week’s post will be short and sweet (for real this time; not like the last time I promised short and ended up with a post longer than the week before’s post. Oops. I ramble. Clearly…)

Keep track of the days you work.




Often times, your presence at school goes through a couple of people before it gets noted by an  employee in payroll. Sometimes human error results in your pay being short a day or two. It happens. If you call payroll and explain the error, they will gladly correct your pay (usually the correction appears on your next pay cheque, but some will have it corrected by the proper pay-day if you catch the error early enough)…if you can prove you worked that day. I’m old school; I carry an agenda with me, where I log all my substitute work. I use the monthly calendar to list:

  • the school I was called to
  • the teacher I was scheduled to replace and possibly any other teacher I ended up replacing, if my assignment was changed when I got to school (because you never know who payroll will have on their file)
  • if I worked a full day or a half day

If you keep track of your work on your phone (or any sort of digital device), do not delete your calendar entry until after you know you’ve been paid for that day.

I’m serious. This post is short and to the point because this is such an easy thing to do, and you would be surprised at a) how often a simple mistake like this is made, and b) how few teachers think to advocate for themselves in this way.


6 thoughts on “Keeping Track for Payroll

  1. Wise advice for any non-salaried employee. Even as a salaried employee I think it is important to keep track of the work that you are doing each day – good to have in the event anyone questions the value of your work. Stopping over from Catholic Women’s Bloggers – my husband just started teaching full time this year – so we will be visiting more.

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