BTTS Vol. 2 (aka There’s Always a Way to Feel Worse When You Already Feel Awful)

Time for another Behind The Teacher Scenes!

I was working in an elementary special education classroom and had a student who, like a lot of children with special needs, had particular fixations. This boy loves wands and crowns and Family Feud. If he could watch Family Feud in class, he would. If he could make and wear a crown, he would. And he always always always had a wand with him. I can’t stress how important his wand is to him.

So of course it would happen that he would lose his wand while under my watch. I, nor the any of the three classroom EAs or the other classroom teacher, knew what to do or how he would handle home time. Because, of course, this happened at the end of the day. I was quite literally running around the school, popping my head into other classes to ask, interrupting high school classes. Not only had no one else seen it since lunch time (was it outside in the huge field, since *someone* had a knack of throwing things like his glasses and not telling anyone…), but was shocked and worried that the wand was gone. Not once did I get a comforting, “Oh, it’ll be ok. I’m sure he will be fine.” Everyone knew this was a big deal.

About ten minutes before he had to get on the bus, I realised that I was going to have to call home. This is essentially how the conversation went down:

Me: “Hi Mrs. **. I just wanted to let you know what D lost his wand today sometime after lunch. We have looked all over the school, in the field, in the caf, and we’re stumped. We’re going to tear the classroom apart after the kids are gone, but it’s looking like he’s not going to have it for the bus ride. I’m not sure how that’s going to go down, but we’re going to try to keep things calm and happy for him.”
Mrs. **: “…”
Me: “I’m really sorry. I hope you have another one at home for him?”
Mrs. **: “We do. Well. Not really. Tonight is my dad’s funeral, and D was going to place that wand in the casket with his grandpa.”
Me: (dies a million deaths)

He went home with a pen as a wand, and I went through every corner of that classroom and didn’t find anything and felt like the absolute worst teacher in the world.

(Eventually the other classroom teacher found the wand, buried in a weird side pocket of our couch. Turns out he hid it himself. *Sigh* Because of course.)


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